Celebrating 15 Years!

On Friday September 27th at 7:00 pm The Haunted Cave will open our doors for the 15th season. Over the past 14 years fans from Indiana and the surrounding states have repeatedly said we were one of the Best haunts around. It is this appreciation that drives us to constantly improve and change the Haunted Cave. We take great pride in knowing that for the past 14 years there has always been an improvement. And this year is no exception!

Your adventure will begin with a 60 second ride down our Mind Shaft. Where you will be transported from our Toxic storage facility into the bowels of the Haunted Cave. Once you’ve hit bottom the real journey begins, as you enter a 2000 gallon underground cesspool where Eddie resides and he hasn’t eaten in nearly a year. From there you will traverse nearly ¼ mile of pathways in and out of 16 more rooms, covering 10,000 square feet and ending in our Vortex, which will spin you back up to the surface. From spiders and clowns, morgues and the old west, dot rooms and door rooms to fog rooms and more we have a little something for everyone.

So come join us once again and see why we continue to be the BEST haunted attraction in the area, 15 years and counting…

Keep your eyes open for upcoming contests to help celebrate our 15th year!